Nomad vol 2 (start date 1992), issue #8 (published 1992)Art by…

Nomad vol 2 (start date 1992), issue #8 (published 1992)

Art by S. Clarke Hawbaker and Mark McKenna

Nomad November Day 14, Nomad #3: Jack Monroe

The Nomad mini-series was so popular, they started an ongoing series with Jack Monroe. Jack rescued a neglected baby and raised her himself, naming her Bucky. He affiliated himself with a network of thieves, sex workers and con artists called the Undergrounders, who provided babysitting while he fought crime. Jack was in Los Angeles for a time, where they depicted the 1992 Los Angeles riots in-book.

Jack Monroe never really found a home; he struggled with inner demons his entire life, and often lost those daily battles. But that didn’t stop him from repeatedly showing bravery and empathy, striving to be a better man and make Steve proud.