Nomad vol 2 (start date 1992), issue #12 (published 1993)Art by…

Nomad vol 2 (start date 1992), issue #12 (published 1993)

Art by Pat Olliffe and Tom Morgan

Nomad November Day 15, Nomad #3: Jack Monroe

After the riots in LA, Nomad took Bucky on the road, dealing with problems rarely tackled in superhero stories – AIDS, homelessness, and hate crimes among them. Jack had both himself and his adopted daughter Bucky tested for HIV. The results of their tests were never revealed. At the end of the run, Jack was caught in an explosion while fighting white supremacist militia and was presumed dead (though he was actually put into cryo and later revived for a Thunderbolts arc, and was given a place in the introduction of the Winter Soldier character).

Jack Monroe never really found a home; he struggled with inner demons his entire life, and often lost those daily battles. But that didn’t stop him from repeatedly showing bravery and empathy, striving to be a better man and make Steve proud.