I was wondering if you had any fic recommendat…

I was wondering if you had any fic recommendations for Bucky Steve and Nat being in a polyamorous relationship. A completed fic if possible. Thanks 🙂

Hi there! First off, so sorry for the late reply, I fell into a bit of a holiday black hole.

Second, yes! Here’s a link to all of the SteveBuckyNatasha fics on AO3 I’ve rec’d on this blog. I pretty much only rec completed fics so those should all be good? One caveat: I haven’t read S/B/N fic for a loooong time, so those recs are pretty old–if you’ve already been diving into the fandom, you’ve probably already seen most of them around? But on the other hand, if you’re looking for established relationship SteveBuckyNat, tremontaine’s fics really can’t be beat–they’re spectacular. ^_^

If anyone else has any recommendations, feel free to chime in?