okay so steve is the one who usually does (mos…

okay so steve is the one who usually does (most) aftercare/cleanup and gets food after sex with sam and bucky because he loves taking care of them. so like I imagine that he'll finish the cleanup and then he'll get pulled down for a nap but then his stomach rumbles and he says "let me at least order some thai food?" sam will grumble but bucky will be like "okay but order me something crunchy pls" [1]

and then when the food gets there, Steve gets his pants and a shirt on to answer the door. he comes back with bags of food, plates and such and some sodas. he gets naked again and they sit in bed together but this time steve is in the middle with bucky and sam leaning on him while they eat and watch a movie on steve’s laptop. steve so happy when sam and bucky thank him with kisses and then get back to eating because it turns out they were hungrier than they thought.

other times bucky or sam will get up to order food because steve shouldn’t always have to do it but steve says “but I LIKE doing it!” and even when they don’t let him order or physically go out and pick up something, he’ll at least be the one to answer the door. and then there are nights when steve has to come home late. bucky and sam fuck but then argue “YOU go get food!” “no you! i let you bottom” but then steve shows up with pizza, says “i had a feeling…” and they just love him so much. 

but even when steve comes home late they usually just have another round with him and then get to that cold pizza. steve just loves providing and making them happy. sam and bucky love making steve feel well appreciated, telling him how wonderful he is and how much they love him. eventually they snuggle up under the blankets and sleep very comfy and happy together. steve likes when he’s on his back with bucky and sam curled up in each arm

Oh my goodness this is adorable. Sam and Bucky love being taken care of and Steve loves doing it. But when Steve is feeling down, or doesn’t feel up to doing it, Sam and Bucky are right there to take care of him too.