This is the Tumblr for Marvel Trumps Hate, a charity auction focusing on fanworks (fanfics, fanart, graphics, videos, podfics, beta services, and more) featuring all Marvel characters, ships, and universes. Please follow us for updates. 🙂

We’re currently in the process of building our team. If you’re interested in being an organizer, developer, or designer, please contact us through our askbox, Tumblr Messenger, or email with the following information:

  1. The best way to contact you
  2. What Marvel fandoms you’re in 
  3. What position you’re applying for: organizer, developer, or designer
  4. For organizers – Please state if
    you have any experience running fandom auctions or other fandom events. Previous experience is not required but is preferred
  5. *For developers* THE BIGGEST PRIORITY AT THE MOMENT. We’re looking for people who are familiar with coding/programming and the things mentioned in this post.
    Developers won’t have to work from scratch as asparrowsfall was generous enough to give us the code that she
    made. Instead, you’ll be running
    the site based off that code and making tweaks to it wherever necessary. Once signups and bidding go
    live in October, you’ll make sure everything is running smoothly and
    work as tech support.
  6. For designers – You must be able to make graphics or edits. Here are examples of what we’re looking for (1 and 2 (for the second example, depending on how many signups we have, we may or may not do creator banners as they take a lot of time and effort to make)). Please provide us with examples of your work.

If you’ve already responded to a Marvel charity auction recruitment post before, we received your answer and you don’t need to submit your information again.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

The MarvelTrumpsHate auction is building its team! Please help spread the word to Marvel fans who might be interested in helping out, and follow their tumblr to keep up with the latest auction news!