On your left!

Like our namesake, we have emerged from an alternate dimension, a little dusty but no worse for wear, ready to throw our Bird King another birthday bash! That’s right, it’s the Sam Wilson Birthday Bang 2019!

Say hello to our mod team: a-majesti, awesomesnafu, butsamwilsontho, neuromagpie and vantablackcap !!

So, what’s the next step? We’re looking for authors and artists to create works celebrating and centred on Sam Wilson (a.k.a the Falcon etc*), to be posted during his birthday month in September. Signups start July 1st! Click here for our schedule!

Check out our amazing 2017 collection on Ao3

Keep an eye on this space, where we’ll be posting updates. Are you excited?! We’re so excited, y’all. 


– The Mod Team

*we’re trying to avoid spoilers but if you know then you know hehehehe