FTH 2020 Signups Now Open!


The hour has struck! Signups are open from now until the end of the day on January 31st. (any timezone; we’re not super picky.)

There are a few things we want to call your attention to, before you plunge in:

1) Our list of supported nonprofits includes some of the same organizations as last year, as well as several new ones. (A couple of last year’s orgs grew enough to shoot past our $10 million-a-year ceiling, which is actually pretty awesome for them.) It’s also possible for creators to select one additional nonprofit where their bidders can send donations; if you’re thinking of pursuing this course, please be sure to read our policy on donations to outside organizations.

2) As part of an effort to boost fan labor, we’re piloting a project called the Regiment of Fan Laborers (ROFL.) You can read all the details here, but we want to highlight two things:

  • Anyone who signs up for fan labor will be given the option to sign on for the ROFL
  • Anyone who signs up as a writer will be eligible to partner with someone from the ROFL for help and support with their FTH fic. We can’t guarantee there will be someone in the ROFL who meets your exact needs, though, so feel free to bid on individual labor auctions if you know what you’re looking for.

3) Though we still aren’t including tangible fancrafts as part of the auction (we explain why in our FAQ,) this year we will have a Fan Crafts Bazaar. The full details and a signup will be up soon!

4) Lastly, because of some updates we’ve made to the signup form regarding how fandoms are classified, the signup form is now, technically, 54 pages long. But don’t worry! You won’t see 54 pages. That number includes pages for every single subfandom menu. Nobody is going to see more than about seven or eight screens, even if all three of your fandoms break down into separate subfandoms. We’re mentioning this only because we don’t want anyone to flip out when they see “page 1 of 54″ in the bottom right corner (which would be a reasonable reaction.)

Click here to sign up to offer a fanwork for Fandom Trumps Hate 2020.