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finished this bb for #capseptender 🍂 literally minutes away from october, pls pardon the bckground i can’t draw car for shit


Steve saving the people he loves + the way they look at him 
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Creator registration for Marvel Trumps Hate 2019 is officially open!

We are accepting sign-ups from now until 11:59 PM ET on Saturday, October 5 (what time is that for me?), with Auction Week taking place from October 19 to October 26. All auction deadlines will be at 11:59 PM Eastern Time (ET). Please read our participation guide for instructions and information you need to know before signing up.

The following types of fanworks and services are accepted for Marvel Trumps Hate 2019:

  • Fics or other writing
  • Art (illustrations or comics)
  • Digital works (graphics/edits, gifsets, manips, mood boards, etc.)
  • Podfics
  • Videos
  • Fan-made crafts and merchandise
  • Beta services (editing, soundboarding/planning, historical accuracy, fact-checking, culture-picking, etc.)
  • Translations

Creators are able to offer multiple items and fanwork types for auction. For more information, click here.

If you have any questions, please peruse the links below or look through our example sign-up forms to get an idea of how to fill them out. If your question is still unanswered, email us at about being a creator for MTH 2019 or if you have a question about participating as a bidder (our ask box is also open, but we prefer emails as they are much more reliable).

Thank you for your interest! We’re looking forward to working with you.


About | FAQ | Schedule | How to Participate | Supported Organizations | Contact

There is ONE WEEK left until creator registration closes!

We’re absolutely delighted by the turnout—thank you so much to everyone who signed up already! We’re so excited about our list of creators, which we know will only grow in our last week of registration.

If you signed up before September 27, 10 AM ET, you should have received a confirmation email from us by now, so please check your inbox and get back to us!

Some gmail accounts appear to be blocking creators from replying directly to our email—if this is happening to you, please try to whitelist, and send a new email with your reply to us. None of our emails have bounced, so if you haven’t received an email even though you signed up several days ago, please check your spam folder.

Sign-ups are open until 11:59 PM ET on Saturday, October 5 (what time is that for me?), so please join us as a creator to help raise money for some Marvelous causes. You can view our example creator sign-up form and auction work forms if you’re looking for guidance on filling them out. Remember that if you participated last year, you can look up your 2018 offering page here and reuse whatever information is still relevant. If you’re new to MTH this year, you can have a look at our @mthofferings Tumblr and search through our tags to see what people offered and what they wrote in their sign-ups.

Additionally, we’re hosting an all-day live Q&A on Friday, October 4, on our Discord server. If you have questions but won’t be able to join the live chat, you’re always welcome to contact us directly after checking our FAQ.

To those of you deciding whether or not to join, remember that there will be plenty of time for you to complete your auction work. We have a soft deadline of one year, so as long as you communicate your timetable clearly in your sign-up, there’s no need to stress about filling an auction immediately.

If you’re still concerned about your ability to complete your work but really want to join, we recommend stating limits on your sign-up forms; for example, only offer works up to a certain word count or offer a specific type of art like a line art portrait. You can also encourage people to contact you before they bid to ask questions about what you’re willing to create.

So sign on up and help us raise funds for some great charity organizations. Even a winning bid/donation as small as $5 is a valuable contribution—together, all those $5s add up!

Hi guys! This is just a PSA that signups for the Marvel Trumps Hate charity auction are gonna close in about a week. Last year I bid on a bunch of authors willing to write poly fics. Here are some of the finished fics:

If you have the skills & time to donate to a good cause, I suggest volunteering to write/draw/what-have-you! The auction accepts not only digital stuff like fanfic/fanart/betaing/podficcing, but also crafting (there were some super cute stuffed animals last year, and I think some people are offering, like, fandom mittens this year?). If you’re not a creator but have some spare cash, consider donating it to a great cause and bringing some awesome fanwork into the world in exchange! Win-win!

I’ll be posting more about it here when the auction is live. Last year I made a roundup post of which creators were offering poly content and I’ll probably do that again. The world needs more polyamory~! 😀


boys and their toys, or something of that nature;;

all caps coming at ya


Tumblr will tell me what to post over my dead breathless body


Second art for Mile High, a cute hot fun story by @samstevebuckyhq for the shrunkyclunks bang 2019 🙂



Cheering on the home team


Team Cap for @zepysgirl on Ko-fi!! Thank you so much!!!

Can you put a wild card down for Uno? I usually try to lol bc I’m a cheater.