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lenadraws: Advent Drawble day 9!


Advent Drawble day 9!

rizurin: i fixed the trailer.


i fixed the trailer.

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hap hol from the cap crew!

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polyshippingday: [Image is a banner with text …


[Image is a banner with text transposed over a picture of branches of a pine tree covered with snow and string lights. Text reads: Polyshipping Day – December 1st]

What is Polyshipping Day?

A 24-hour celebration of OT3+es and positive portrayals of polyamory in
fandom occurring on the 1st of every month. Give neglected polyships
some love! Resolve love triangles “the right way”. Portray massive poly cuddle
piles of people who all love each other. Platonic threesomes where all partners
feel important and it’s not trashy male gaze MFF “the girls just wanna please
their man” crap. Weave intricate polycules that span a team or a whole
community. Show non-mutual polyamory (A+B, B+C, but not A+C) and open
relationships in a healthy, non-adulterous light. Spread the <83!

This is open to all fandoms and to original works, and to any degree and
content rating you wish. Sexual, romantic, queerplatonic – any form of
polyamorous/polygamous relationship is welcome and loved here. Just keep it
positive, healthy, and consensual.

All of the content posted on Polyshipping Day gets queued up for reblogging
on the Polyshipping Day blog during the month, and added to tags by fandom
within the blog to help you find your favorite polyships any time.

How do I participate?

If you have no ideas for something to make, of course our
tag is
always a great resource. Additionally, for December’s Polyshipping Day the
optional theme is going to be “Invitation”. Perhaps you want to design an invitation your favorite polyship is extending, or depict a scene of them receiving one – or maybe something else entirely! However you interpret the theme is up to you.

Whether you create something within the theme or not, we
accept all forms of media, including:

  • Fanfiction
  • Fanart
  • Playlists/fanmixes
  • AMVs
  • Askbox games/mini-prompts
  • Cosplay photos or videos
  • Image/photo sets
  • Spend the day taking requests or commissions
  • Other things I’m sure we haven’t thought of!

And of course, original works and works not in English are more than welcome
too. It’s always exciting to see Polyshipping Day branch out further and

Whatever you create, just put it in the #polyshipping day tag
(don’t worry, we track #polyshippingday too, just in case) or submit it
straight to the blog!

But I’m not a content creator or I don’t have much time.

No worries! There are plenty of ways you can participate, such as:

  • Create fic or art recc lists
  • Reblog polyshipping content, both new and old
  • Set up your queue to reblog polyshipping content
  • Share headcanons
  • Fill out askbox games or create new ones
  • Suggest blogs for the incredibly incomplete Polyshipping Directory
  • Help get the word out!

The more the merrier should be the obvious theme here, so we’d love help
getting as many fandoms involved in Polyshipping Day as possible!

Any other rules I should know about?

We try to keep it simple, but there are a few:

  • Content should be new – it doesn’t have to be something you made this month or specifically for Polyshipping Day, but it should be something that’s not appeared on the blog before.
  • Please only post your own content, except, obviously, for reblogs.
  • If you really want to share something and can’t find it on tumblr, try to get the creator’s permission first, and regardless, post it as a link to the source. If the site in question has an official Tumblr posting button like AO3 does, please use that.
  • Please tag your not safe for work for the benefit of those scrolling through the tags (protip: use // after the tag if you’re worried about spambots)
  • This blog is technically PG-13, so anything that is obviously pornographic or very gory should be behind a read more if we’re going to reblog it.
  • If you’re posting up more than three things to the tag, especially all for the same fandom, try to spread them out over the day instead of posting them all at once.
  • If you’d like to put a post in the polyshipping day tag but not have the blog add it to the queue, just put a tag to the effect of #pday no
  • Official cutoff time is around midnight between the 2nd and 3rd Pacific Time – anything posted after that will be drafted to be posted the next month instead.

Feel free to message us if you have any questions not answered here!

Now get out there and spread the word! <83



Giving another try at @armellin ’s drawing Chris Evans Event. Steve needs a hug!



it’s called reverse psychologing.

quietnighty: Team Nasty, aka “Guess We Aren’t…


Team Nasty, aka “Guess We Aren’t Keeping the Outfit Or Possibly the Whole House” 

A call for Artists


1 week left until sign-up closes for Authors and Artists

As of now, we’re a little short of artists, so if you’re an Artist and you’re still thinking about joining, don’t hesitate any more, it’ll be a sure fun ride, I can assure you. 🙂 You’ll have a little bit more than 2 months to create at least 1 piece of art for your claimed fanfic.

All kinds of arts are permitted:
 traditional or digital art, comics, moodboards and gifsets (min. 6
images), fanvids, mixtapes with cover, podfics, photography, manips,
graphics, etc.

ARTIST sign-up

If you’d like to sign up as an Author, you can still do that, of course, but please keep in mind that a 2,500 words draft is needed for the 1st check-in on Nov 29th.

AUTHOR sign-up

Please reblog this post – even if you’re not an active
participant of the bang -, so more potential artists can learn about
this opportunity.

Thank you!

Stony or Stucky?

Stony or Stucky?