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sebstan-theman: AU where no one died and every…


AU where no one died and everyone is just happy.
Part of my christmas present for @pleasecallmecaptain (1, 2)

This was inspired by someone commenting on a post of a James Dean photo that it could be of these 3, but I’ve since lost the post. Feel free to link it if you know the one!

Please do not repost/edit without permission from me first.

zutarabeliever-art: This is a wonderful Commis…


This is a wonderful Commission for @allmyfavoritethings724 . I love this piece. 

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Interviewer: "Miss Carter, what do you th…

Interviewer: "Miss Carter, what do you think is Mister Barnes' greatest asset?" / Peggy: "His big-" / Steve (covering Peggy's mouth): "Heart." / close up on Bucky looking all sorts of smug

We all know what she means in adult company but in public his greatest asset is…his ass. Pfftttt

sam likes being held. being spooned and hugged…

sam likes being held. being spooned and hugged real close. he likes sleeping on steve's chest while getting his back rubbed. he likes when bucky pulls him against his chest on the couch and rubs his thighs. and he loves when they just hug him too. sam will say something funny and get a big laugh out of steve and then steve will smile softly before hugging him big because sam is so wonderful and makes life brighter. bucky hugs sam, rubs his neck and kisses his cheek "just because."

sam being a tactile cuddle monster is so up my alley you have no idea… he also always wants to be in the middle of the super soldier sandwich at night (and would fight the other two for the privilege, but they love cuddling him so really its just a win-win to let it happen??) His favourite thing though is random hugs from behind while he’s doing every day tasks like cooking or brushing his teeth or drinking his morning coffee… that secure, warm feeling of his loves holding him, brushing a kiss to his jaw, contented hums in his ear, and maybe even a mumbled “Love you Sammy”, or “Morning babe” against his neck. Yeah he lives for those moments

top 5 samstevebucky hc's?

top 5 samstevebucky hc's?

okay these are in no particular order:

  1. bucky loves stealing clothes from sam and steve. especially from sam because since they’re roughly the same size he always pretends they’re his clothes and acts like he didn’t actually steal them. sam and steve pretend to be annoyed but they secretely find it endearing
  2. buck is too lazy to join sam and steve on their morning run but he makes them breakfast. they always come home to pancakes and fresh coffee
  3. steve and bucky take advantage of the height difference and always manhandle sam, hug him from behind, and kiss him on the forehead
  4. steve cannot cook for shit and he doesn’t even try anymore. sam is a great cook, bucky’s a functional cook but an amazing baker. he loves looking up new recipes for cakes and cupcakes
  5. steve and bucky love public displays of affection, like they’re THAT kinda couples. after being forced to hide that they’re gay/bi in the 20th century, they’re so happy that things are so much better now. they just really cherish that they can now hold another man’s hand and kiss him in public so they’re so sappy

ask me my top 5 anything!!

If you’re still doing…S3 WW3?

If you’re still doing…S3 WW3?


Romantic sleep pile lol. Steeb are you okay?? ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Prompts from this meme



my favourite iteration of samstevebucky is where each of them absolutely loves each of the others, and they have their own special things with each of the others, but they also love being all together even more? like yeah steve and sam run together in the mornings and go out for coffee dates after, and sam and bucky are both foodies who love to cook together and go out to try new stuff, and steve and bucky love to go out to baseball games together and hold hands the entire time? But they all also love movie nights curled up on their couch, and sunday lie ins in their king size bed, and going out hiking so they can all find a little bit of peace and quiet together? They’re all so in love?

Steve keeps finding his shirts randomly on Buc…

Steve keeps finding his shirts randomly on Bucky's floor, in Natasha's closet, even sometimes on Sam when they meet for a morning run. At this rate he's running out but they all find his stretched out mediums super comfy


thegirlinthebyakko: for @yawpkatsi


for @yawpkatsi

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Pink flowers for the Pink Moon! 😀