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Yayyy all of my art for the Captain America Big Bang 2018!! Huge thank you to @crackdkettle for writing such an amazing ww3 fic!! If you’re a fan of ww3 like me you’ll wanna read this!  o(≧∇≦o)

Read the fic here!!!


Happy Halloween from ww3 vamps! Too spoopy! (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)


Woah what world war threesome doodles??? It’s been like a thousand years!! 

summer lovin~ (happened so fa-a-ast)

Tell me more tell me more

Did the three of you kiss ♪(´ε` )

ww3 except Bucky is the pink boy, Peggy is the greaser and Steve is just happy in love LOL


Bucky giving Peggy’s hair some tlc~~

Steve hurry home so you can join lol


wheee Happy 100th Birthday, Steve!!! (*´꒳`*)



asdfghjkl they look like so ridiculous. Someone save them from themselves X,D

Prompt from this art meme.

Interviewer: "Miss Carter, what do you think is Mister Barnes' greatest asset?" / Peggy: "His big-" / Steve (covering Peggy's mouth): "Heart." / close up on Bucky looking all sorts of smug

We all know what she means in adult company but in public his greatest asset is…his ass. Pfftttt

If you’re still doing…S3 WW3?


Romantic sleep pile lol. Steeb are you okay?? ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Prompts from this meme

In your opinion who out of ww3 wonders "Why am I with these two shits?!" most often? (in regard to them saying or doing something ridiculous, silly, cheesy, etc.) Personally I think Bucky suffers the most, given how reckless and into fighting both Steve and Peggy are. What do you think?

Overall Bucky is probably the most long-suffering. Out of all of them he’s the least aggressive by nature—though let’s be clear, he’s ready to thrown down if he feels the need to. He just prefers a more measured, subtle approach, as a sniper who shoots from a distance well might. Especially post-Traumatic Event.

Peggy and Steve meanwhile have a bit of Small Dog Syndrome leftover from their “no one takes me seriously” days…they’re obviously not cruel by nature, but they’re ready to throw down to the point where punching is their hammer and everything is starting to look like a nail. Steve more than Peggy, but that’s because Steve has male privilege and can get away with it more.

Basically I feel like Bucky actively wishes he didn’t have to fight, whereas Peggy and Steve just…don’t.

I think for sillier, funner things it’s Peggy who’s Exasperated by the guys. I feel like Bucky’s sense of humor comprises mostly of memes and other mildly absurdist stuff like that and Steve rolls with it because they grew up together so whatever Bucky finds funny he also finds funny just by association. A type of contact high, if you will. Peggy Doesn’t Get It.

And when it comes to Being Presentable and Looking Fashionable, Steve is definitely the “I have nice jeans and a dress shirt on what more do you want” guy whereas Bucky and Peggy both carry hairdryers in their purses because they’re NOT ANIMALS, STEVEN.

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