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I wanted to draw something for ACE Comic Con to have Chris, Sebastian, and Hayley sign. You know, if I don’t faint in their presence. Goal was to capture a quiet moment during the war where the trio have literally let their guards down. It took me stupid long, so now it’s time for MY nap.

I got some stickers from @nocek and she sent a…

I got some stickers from @nocek and she sent along this very cute WW3some doodle, thought I’d share! ^_^

some form of ww3 + 4A

some form of ww3 + 4A



CA:CW drives me crazy!

I'm swamping your inbox, but I don't…

I'm swamping your inbox, but I don't caaare. Ww3 being dorks who tend to always make a big, melodramatic scene when one of them leaves for a trip/mission (and then when they get back). Like those pics from the 40's where beloved said goodbye at the trainstation and kissed half-draped over the train window. Now they do the same, but with quinjet, car, etc. Pls, just imagine exasperated faces of other Avengers who have to witness Peggy and Bucky waving handkerchief when Steve boards the jet. Or –

– Bucky dipping Peggy over his arm in a steamy farewell kiss, then doing the same with Steve. When the quinjet lands and Peggy steps out, boys run toward her in slow motion, flower bouquets in their hands falling to the ground. Steve and Peggy greeting Bucky with a huge hand-painted banner and a fucking small red carpet spread on the ground.


They are really the worst and they pull lovey dovey crap like this all the time. And of course they have stupid mandatory debriefing after they come back so no one can leave. 

alstonwiggles: [image description: A colored i…


[image description: A colored image within a polaroid frame. Bucky Barnes on the left, Sam Wilson in the middle, and Steve Rogers on the right. Bucky and Steve both lean in to kiss Sam on his cheeks.]

Sam’s amazing t-shirt is still courtesy of @katplanet who continues to be the absolute best 😍😍




buckykingofmemes: the problem with betting aga…


the problem with betting against a billionaire is that he never just wagers money. in related news, i still have no shame. 

steve, however, is a different story. steve has lots of shame.



replied to your post “Idea for valentine’s day: cute art of Sam, Steve, and Bucky where Sam…”

Sam legit spends three days adding glitter to his home made cards. He has spent twenty years making the same cookies (thanks to his mom) – heart shaped with arrows made from toothpicks in them, and wings on the side. He gets special permission to go to his friend’s garden to pick flowers fresh. His mom, sister, bro-in-law, and grandma all get chocolate deliveries (along with riley’s mom.) he presents “be my valentine” candies to bucky with no sarcasm.

he wears full on red for the whole day, and red shirts/ties for the week. he texts steve poems throughout the day. he made reservations THREE months in advance.

this is sam’s holiday. Sam is ALL about the love, be real.

[meanwhile Bucky is cleaning off the dirt from the flowers he stole next door and Steve is drawing a home made card in the bathroom. but next year, they know, and they got this. they make sam a five course meal and put flower petals on the bed. sam tears up, no lie.]

but yanno, this in drawing format. (I just like the image of Sam getting teary eyed in front of this huge table loaded with his favorite foods and like five different kinds of flowers the boys got him.)

@oranges8hands, you speak the truth