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okay so steve is the one who usually does (mos…

okay so steve is the one who usually does (most) aftercare/cleanup and gets food after sex with sam and bucky because he loves taking care of them. so like I imagine that he'll finish the cleanup and then he'll get pulled down for a nap but then his stomach rumbles and he says "let me at least order some thai food?" sam will grumble but bucky will be like "okay but order me something crunchy pls" [1]

and then when the food gets there, Steve gets his pants and a shirt on to answer the door. he comes back with bags of food, plates and such and some sodas. he gets naked again and they sit in bed together but this time steve is in the middle with bucky and sam leaning on him while they eat and watch a movie on steve’s laptop. steve so happy when sam and bucky thank him with kisses and then get back to eating because it turns out they were hungrier than they thought.

other times bucky or sam will get up to order food because steve shouldn’t always have to do it but steve says “but I LIKE doing it!” and even when they don’t let him order or physically go out and pick up something, he’ll at least be the one to answer the door. and then there are nights when steve has to come home late. bucky and sam fuck but then argue “YOU go get food!” “no you! i let you bottom” but then steve shows up with pizza, says “i had a feeling…” and they just love him so much. 

but even when steve comes home late they usually just have another round with him and then get to that cold pizza. steve just loves providing and making them happy. sam and bucky love making steve feel well appreciated, telling him how wonderful he is and how much they love him. eventually they snuggle up under the blankets and sleep very comfy and happy together. steve likes when he’s on his back with bucky and sam curled up in each arm

Oh my goodness this is adorable. Sam and Bucky love being taken care of and Steve loves doing it. But when Steve is feeling down, or doesn’t feel up to doing it, Sam and Bucky are right there to take care of him too. 



wheee Happy 100th Birthday, Steve!!! (*´꒳`*)




asdfghjkl they look like so ridiculous. Someone save them from themselves X,D

Prompt from this art meme.



persyki: im embarrased to post this half finis…


im embarrased to post this half finished bullshit

bucky is dying as hes trapped between two doms. press f to pay respects

Pls tell me have any of the ALLCAPS cried duri…

Pls tell me have any of the ALLCAPS cried during sex? Everything is just too much and there’s so much emotion and tears just slip out a little? Who? And how did the other boys react?

Yes, definitely!! I feel like they’ve all cried at one point or another because they’ve each had really emotional moments.

So the first time for Sam was when he was having a rough day, and Steve and Bucky spent the day comforting him (lots of physical affection and touching). They eventually move to the bedroom, where Sam is in the middle of them, being worshipped and kisses over every inch of his body. They cradle him in their arms, and make him feel safer than he’s felt in years. When he finally comes, he can feel the tears start to escape his eyes, and they don’t stop. He cries while Steve and Bucky comfort him, continuing to kiss him and tell him how much they love him.

Bucky’s first time crying was after a mission gone awry. Steve and Sam get a bit banged up (mostly bruises, nothing too serious) but there was a point where Bucky thought he’d lost both of them. When they get back home, they see how shaken up Bucky is, and decide to make that night about him. They strip off and get into their big jacuzzi tub together, touching and kissing as they go. Bucky ends up sat in the middle of both of them, and they slowly prep him before they both fuck him together. It’s slow, but incredibly intense, and Sam and Steve both have their arms wrapped tight around Bucky as they go. Bucky starts crying before he comes, and continues to do so afterwards. They end up all wrapped up in each other, a reminder that they all survived.

Steve’s first time crying was actually their first time together as a throuple. He’d been pining over both of them for so long, and had watched in agony as Sam and Bucky dated happily. Little did he know of course, that they were both in love with him too. But that first night after they figured it all out, they took it slow, exploring each other’s bodies in the comfort of Steve’s bedroom. There comes a point where both Sam and Bucky’s hands are wrapped around Steve’s dick, and their mouths are on his skin, and Steve is just so overwhelmed that he can’t help but come. They’re whispering how much they love him into his skin while they both reach their climax, and Steve just starts crying. He’s been so in love and heart sore for so long that finally being with them means everything to him. It’s a good night.

rizurin: kiss the birthday boy 💋💋


kiss the birthday boy 💋💋

who's the needier post-sex cuddler, sam, …

who's the needier post-sex cuddler, sam, bucky or steve? who is the one that gets up to get water for the others? which one did a few too many tricks and is now sore and whining for someone to make them breakfast the next morning?

Sam is the neediest cuddler. He loooooves being sandwiched in between his boys and feeling warm, safe, and secure. Steve and Bucky don’t mind this, because they often get to either spoon Sam or rest their heads on his chest while he lets their hair. Plus, Sam tends to get cold so having a super soldier on either side of him helps keep his toasty warm all night long.

Steve is definitely the one who is taking care of the other two, offering to get water, or to clean up. He even volunteers to run out and get food if the other two really want it. He wraps them all up in blankets, gives them both a kiss, and turns out all the lights before they drift off to sleep. He loves his boys and he would do anything for them.

Bucky definitely is the one that over extended himself the night before and is now whiny and sore the next morning. He always goes the extra mile to make his boys feel good. He wants someone to make breakfast, and of course Steve offers, but both of them are terrified of that prospect so Sam and Bucky work together to whip something up for the three of them (Steve is amazing at a lot of things, and they love him, but cooking is not his strong suit. Don’t worry though, he does his part and cleans up afterwards for everyone).

SamSteveBucky in a Xanadu AU?

SamSteveBucky in a Xanadu AU?

Confession: I have never actually seen Xanadu and know nothing about it aside from the fact it’s a movie, but I will definitely give you SamSteveBucky! I will give you ALL the SamSteveBucky! 

  • First and foremost: there is a lot of Skyping while Bucky is chilling in Wakanda and Sam and Steve are running around all underground Avengers. A looooot. Originally it’s just Steve and Bucky back-and-forthing, but once Bucky calls their super-secret Avengers hotline while Steve’s wrestling a mutant alligator in the sewers of New York and Sam is just like “Steve’s hogging all the fun, FINE, then I’m hogging all the BUCKY.” Bucky still isn’t sure he believes the alligator story but Steve was probably doing something at LEAST that stupid so he lets it go. 
  • Sam and Bucky still cannot say more than three sentences to each other without being brats ABOUT each other. Steve is wooed by how quickly they wind each other up, and slightly less wooed by how quickly they will turn all that wound-up energy on him the literal SECOND he jumps out of ONE plane without a parachute, JEEZ guys. One time! 
  • (It was not one time. It has never, ever been one time. Last time it wasn’t even one PLANE.) 
  • Absolutely Sam and Steve once call Bucky in the middle of an op because PLANS, OKAY, IT’S IMPORTANT TO KEEP PLANS, and they spend the whole time tossing the phone back and forth and making small talk with him while punching out Nazis. One time Wanda accidentally catches the phone and is just like “what is even happening here WHY AREN’T YOU WEARING A SHIRT”. Bucky’s like “it’s like three AM here, why aren’t you taking out that sniper”. “What snipe–ONE SECOND”. 
  • Natasha thinks they’re cute, but also gross because ugh, FEELINGS. She’s greatly enjoying subtly mortifying all three of them over their big dumb crushes at every given opportunity, though, and super looking forward to them all seeing each other in person again. 

sebstan-theman: AU where no one died and every…


AU where no one died and everyone is just happy.
Part of my christmas present for @pleasecallmecaptain (1, 2)

This was inspired by someone commenting on a post of a James Dean photo that it could be of these 3, but I’ve since lost the post. Feel free to link it if you know the one!

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