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Every Chris Evans Photoshoot (33/*) for Men’s Health – 2011


Every Chris Evans Photoshoot (34/*) for GQ – 2011


“When you can relax a little bit, when acting doesn’t feel like this weird pressure cooker of grabbing the next vine before you let go of the one you got, that’s when it’s fun.” — Chris Evans for Men’s Journal


I dont put myself in a box. I dont have some huge plan in terms of what my goals are. I just kind of wake up and follow my appetite. Im at a point in my life now where I have the very, very fortunate luxury of pursuing what I want to do. And I dont corrupt that process by thinking about how other people see me.


For me, acting is the primary thing. When I work on a part, one of the things I love to do is to put together a collage of things, stuff I see or stuff that inspires me, images, whatever. I try to look at it from that standpoint.


Jeremy Renner by Randall Slavin (2020)


Every Chris Evans Photoshoot (30/*) by Don Flood – 2009


Chris Evans for Esquire 2020