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The hour has struck! Signups are open from now until the end of the day on January 31st. (any timezone; we’re not super picky.)

There are a few things we want to call your attention to, before you plunge in:

1) Our list of supported nonprofits includes some of the same organizations as last year, as well as several new ones. (A couple of last year’s orgs grew enough to shoot past our $10 million-a-year ceiling, which is actually pretty awesome for them.) It’s also possible for creators to select one additional nonprofit where their bidders can send donations; if you’re thinking of pursuing this course, please be sure to read our policy on donations to outside organizations.

2) As part of an effort to boost fan labor, we’re piloting a project called the Regiment of Fan Laborers (ROFL.) You can read all the details here, but we want to highlight two things:

  • Anyone who signs up for fan labor will be given the option to sign on for the ROFL
  • Anyone who signs up as a writer will be eligible to partner with someone from the ROFL for help and support with their FTH fic. We can’t guarantee there will be someone in the ROFL who meets your exact needs, though, so feel free to bid on individual labor auctions if you know what you’re looking for.

3) Though we still aren’t including tangible fancrafts as part of the auction (we explain why in our FAQ,) this year we will have a Fan Crafts Bazaar. The full details and a signup will be up soon!

4) Lastly, because of some updates we’ve made to the signup form regarding how fandoms are classified, the signup form is now, technically, 54 pages long. But don’t worry! You won’t see 54 pages. That number includes pages for every single subfandom menu. Nobody is going to see more than about seven or eight screens, even if all three of your fandoms break down into separate subfandoms. We’re mentioning this only because we don’t want anyone to flip out when they see “page 1 of 54″ in the bottom right corner (which would be a reasonable reaction.)

Click here to sign up to offer a fanwork for Fandom Trumps Hate 2020.


Look, shit is pretty bad right now. We appear to be in the early stages of a major global war. Large parts of the world are literally on fire. Antisemitism and anti-blackness are on the rise throughout the US,

and both LGBTQ+ rights and women’s rights are under increasingly dire threat, at both national and local levels. It’s a crappy way to start a

If you’re like us, you’re feeling torn between wanting
to retreat into fandom and wishing you could do something to help fix
at least a little bit of everything that’s going wrong.

The good news is: you can do both at the same time. Fandom Trumps Hate is
back for a fourth (fourth!) year, raising money for a host of excellent
organizations that are resisting the Trump agenda and fighting to
protect those whom it seeks to harm. We’re hoping you’ll be back to
join us, and help make this the biggest and most successful auction yet.

post has (almost*) everything you need to know – a full calendar, plus
links to all of the important information about this year’s auction all
in one convenient, easily-rebloggable post! Please help us spread the
word to friends and followers.

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Sign up here!


Have you ever looked at a shipping tag and been sad about the lack of content?

Have you wanted to create for a ship with 3+ peeps and been like “oh but what will I create? I NEED IDEAS!”

Do you need a push to make content for a polyship?

Do you like BINGO?

Have you ever wanted to own a limited edition fancy artwork called “Rocket Ship”, “Locked up”, “Too much Tea”, or 

“Et Tu Brute?” ???


Link to the sign-up form: CLICK ME

Still need convincing?

Check out OUR FAQ:

There are nice explanations on how to bingo, how we bingo, and what we allow (spoiler alert: we allow it all for fills)

Though, we do have some pesky little conduct rules:

Ready to join us? 

Link to the sign-up form: CLICK ME

If you still have further questions or wanna get to know us first: Join the discord.

And please, share this around and tag it with your top marvel polyship!

Hi guys! We’re well into the last 24hrs of MTH (what time does the auction end for me? / Countdown Timer). They’ve made it easier than ever before to search for polyamorous options this year (there’s the post they made highlighting the ships, with a link to this spreadsheet, and also all of the very useful ship tags on the website!)

Since it’s the last day of the auction, I figured I would round up a shortlist of which creators are still in the “$20 or Less” range. Some of us are on tight budgets, but here’s a chance to donate to charity plus get something great in exchange, without breaking the bank!

List under the cut is organized by ship. I only included ships here if they had auctions that qualified, but there are a bunch more auctions listed on the website for >$20 for both these and other ships (who knew Thor was so popular? All threesomes/moresomes with him are already +$20 XD). I encourage y’all to browse around in the ships tag on the website to see if anything strikes your fancy! There are a lot of great creators signed up this year. 🙂














Steve/Tony/Doctor Strange



Have you ever been annoyed at love triangles because you could see that the best solution was to simply have them all live happily ever after together?

Have you ever considered the delicious multiplication of unrequited pining when there are more than two characters angsting over their feelings? And how fantastic the resolution would be?

Do the complexities of poly ship dynamics intrigue you? Do you really want to see cute art of all your faves happy together?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Marvel Trumps Hate has just the thing for you!

MTH 2019 has 117 auctions offering at least one polyamorous ship option, with all kinds of work types available, from vids to art to beta services! This year, you can browse our spreadsheet of creators and click directly to their auction listing once you find an offer that catches your fancy. You can also copy and paste column F of the spreadsheet to get a ready-made HTML-code version of the list, which we invite you to share in any Marvel polyship communities that you’re in.

We suggest that if you don’t find your particular ship offered this year, you go to our website,, and use our extensive search options to look for auctions that are offering “Character/Any” auctions (just type one of the characters in your poly ship, followed by /Any, and all offerings that include that text will show up!) as those creators may be open to offering poly ships! Remember that it’s a good idea to ask creators if they’re willing to create for a pairing before you bid on them.

So off you go to explore—maybe you’ll discover a new OTP along the way!



We’re 20 hours into the auction, and we’re absolutely thrilled by our progress so far. Thank you! Let’s keep the momentum going.

We have a few important updates to share:

  • If you have trouble accessing Tumblr creator posts from our creator list, please view them on your mobile browser or on a computer. Alternatively, you can also search for that creator’s name on mthofferings while on the Tumblr app and find their post that way.
  • We have a fantastic new feature this year: the auction watchlist! You can create an account and put auctions on your watchlist. That way, you can see them all and watch their progress on one handy page instead of needing to bookmark a folder of links.
  • Bidders will receive outbid emails. Please make sure that you choose a non-Yahoo email address that you check often to make your bids. This is how we will contact bidders if they win an auction, and you will need to be reachable throughout the next year.

We’re over the moon about all of the wonderful creators who signed up for Marvel Trumps Hate! One thing to keep in mind when perusing auctions is that while we have some exciting established names on our list, we also have a lot of creators who are new to the Marvel fandom (or new to creating works for the fandom) who are also amazing and deserving of bids.

We encourage you to take a chance on creators you discover while looking through our auctions because no matter what you bid on, you’ll be supporting worthy causes. This is also your chance to get something for a rarepair you adore or a niche universe in the Marvel fandom, so browse through our extensive tag list and check out the creators offering them. You can also narrow down your search on our auction site by using specific keyword combinations—our search guide can help you there!

Thank you again for your support and patience so far. Let’s keep bidding and spreading the word about everyone’s auctions!



Creator registration for Marvel Trumps Hate 2019 is officially open!

We are accepting sign-ups from now until 11:59 PM ET on Saturday, October 5 (what time is that for me?), with Auction Week taking place from October 19 to October 26. All auction deadlines will be at 11:59 PM Eastern Time (ET). Please read our participation guide for instructions and information you need to know before signing up.

The following types of fanworks and services are accepted for Marvel Trumps Hate 2019:

  • Fics or other writing
  • Art (illustrations or comics)
  • Digital works (graphics/edits, gifsets, manips, mood boards, etc.)
  • Podfics
  • Videos
  • Fan-made crafts and merchandise
  • Beta services (editing, soundboarding/planning, historical accuracy, fact-checking, culture-picking, etc.)
  • Translations

Creators are able to offer multiple items and fanwork types for auction. For more information, click here.

If you have any questions, please peruse the links below or look through our example sign-up forms to get an idea of how to fill them out. If your question is still unanswered, email us at about being a creator for MTH 2019 or if you have a question about participating as a bidder (our ask box is also open, but we prefer emails as they are much more reliable).

Thank you for your interest! We’re looking forward to working with you.


About | FAQ | Schedule | How to Participate | Supported Organizations | Contact

There is ONE WEEK left until creator registration closes!

We’re absolutely delighted by the turnout—thank you so much to everyone who signed up already! We’re so excited about our list of creators, which we know will only grow in our last week of registration.

If you signed up before September 27, 10 AM ET, you should have received a confirmation email from us by now, so please check your inbox and get back to us!

Some gmail accounts appear to be blocking creators from replying directly to our email—if this is happening to you, please try to whitelist, and send a new email with your reply to us. None of our emails have bounced, so if you haven’t received an email even though you signed up several days ago, please check your spam folder.

Sign-ups are open until 11:59 PM ET on Saturday, October 5 (what time is that for me?), so please join us as a creator to help raise money for some Marvelous causes. You can view our example creator sign-up form and auction work forms if you’re looking for guidance on filling them out. Remember that if you participated last year, you can look up your 2018 offering page here and reuse whatever information is still relevant. If you’re new to MTH this year, you can have a look at our @mthofferings Tumblr and search through our tags to see what people offered and what they wrote in their sign-ups.

Additionally, we’re hosting an all-day live Q&A on Friday, October 4, on our Discord server. If you have questions but won’t be able to join the live chat, you’re always welcome to contact us directly after checking our FAQ.

To those of you deciding whether or not to join, remember that there will be plenty of time for you to complete your auction work. We have a soft deadline of one year, so as long as you communicate your timetable clearly in your sign-up, there’s no need to stress about filling an auction immediately.

If you’re still concerned about your ability to complete your work but really want to join, we recommend stating limits on your sign-up forms; for example, only offer works up to a certain word count or offer a specific type of art like a line art portrait. You can also encourage people to contact you before they bid to ask questions about what you’re willing to create.

So sign on up and help us raise funds for some great charity organizations. Even a winning bid/donation as small as $5 is a valuable contribution—together, all those $5s add up!

Hi guys! This is just a PSA that signups for the Marvel Trumps Hate charity auction are gonna close in about a week. Last year I bid on a bunch of authors willing to write poly fics. Here are some of the finished fics:

If you have the skills & time to donate to a good cause, I suggest volunteering to write/draw/what-have-you! The auction accepts not only digital stuff like fanfic/fanart/betaing/podficcing, but also crafting (there were some super cute stuffed animals last year, and I think some people are offering, like, fandom mittens this year?). If you’re not a creator but have some spare cash, consider donating it to a great cause and bringing some awesome fanwork into the world in exchange! Win-win!

I’ll be posting more about it here when the auction is live. Last year I made a roundup post of which creators were offering poly content and I’ll probably do that again. The world needs more polyamory~! 😀


The Sam Wilson Birthday Bang sign-ups are open!

Alright loves, the time has come! 

Before we can celebrate our hero’s birthday, we have to know who’s coming. If you’re bringing Birdboy a gift, let us know!

We’re thrilled to invite artists and authors and beta readers to RSVP here! Sign ups will be open until July 31st. Posting begins for Sam’s birthday in September (Samtember).

All participants fill out the invitation below!

Sam Wilson Birthday Bang Signup for WRITERS and ARTISTS and BETAS

-the Mod Team

Art by @itscinni !



On your left!

Like our namesake, we have emerged from an alternate dimension, a little dusty but no worse for wear, ready to throw our Bird King another birthday bash! That’s right, it’s the Sam Wilson Birthday Bang 2019!

Say hello to our mod team: a-majesti, awesomesnafu, butsamwilsontho, neuromagpie and vantablackcap !!

So, what’s the next step? We’re looking for authors and artists to create works celebrating and centred on Sam Wilson (a.k.a the Falcon etc*), to be posted during his birthday month in September. Signups start July 1st! Click here for our schedule!

Check out our amazing 2017 collection on Ao3

Keep an eye on this space, where we’ll be posting updates. Are you excited?! We’re so excited, y’all. 


– The Mod Team

*we’re trying to avoid spoilers but if you know then you know hehehehe

Signups open in five days!!