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helahler: Inktober Day 7 Breakfast can wait. …


Inktober Day 7

Breakfast can wait. 

founderofshield: Then what are we waiting for?


Then what are we waiting for?

persyki: im embarrased to post this half finis…


im embarrased to post this half finished bullshit

bucky is dying as hes trapped between two doms. press f to pay respects

Pls tell me have any of the ALLCAPS cried duri…

Pls tell me have any of the ALLCAPS cried during sex? Everything is just too much and there’s so much emotion and tears just slip out a little? Who? And how did the other boys react?

Yes, definitely!! I feel like they’ve all cried at one point or another because they’ve each had really emotional moments.

So the first time for Sam was when he was having a rough day, and Steve and Bucky spent the day comforting him (lots of physical affection and touching). They eventually move to the bedroom, where Sam is in the middle of them, being worshipped and kisses over every inch of his body. They cradle him in their arms, and make him feel safer than he’s felt in years. When he finally comes, he can feel the tears start to escape his eyes, and they don’t stop. He cries while Steve and Bucky comfort him, continuing to kiss him and tell him how much they love him.

Bucky’s first time crying was after a mission gone awry. Steve and Sam get a bit banged up (mostly bruises, nothing too serious) but there was a point where Bucky thought he’d lost both of them. When they get back home, they see how shaken up Bucky is, and decide to make that night about him. They strip off and get into their big jacuzzi tub together, touching and kissing as they go. Bucky ends up sat in the middle of both of them, and they slowly prep him before they both fuck him together. It’s slow, but incredibly intense, and Sam and Steve both have their arms wrapped tight around Bucky as they go. Bucky starts crying before he comes, and continues to do so afterwards. They end up all wrapped up in each other, a reminder that they all survived.

Steve’s first time crying was actually their first time together as a throuple. He’d been pining over both of them for so long, and had watched in agony as Sam and Bucky dated happily. Little did he know of course, that they were both in love with him too. But that first night after they figured it all out, they took it slow, exploring each other’s bodies in the comfort of Steve’s bedroom. There comes a point where both Sam and Bucky’s hands are wrapped around Steve’s dick, and their mouths are on his skin, and Steve is just so overwhelmed that he can’t help but come. They’re whispering how much they love him into his skin while they both reach their climax, and Steve just starts crying. He’s been so in love and heart sore for so long that finally being with them means everything to him. It’s a good night.

soggy-cardboard-box: Guess I’m back on this ki…


Guess I’m back on this kick



i am definitely contributing to this fandom in a productive way 

oktoberthered: Inktober –  Day 20#Squeeze (˘ ³˘) (feat. Natasha…


Inktober –  Day 20
#Squeeze (˘ ³˘) (feat. Natasha Romanoff)
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